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Chasing Dreams
I'm Tanya.  The eldest of Thia's daugthers. A little about me. I love animals and have been rescuing and rehoming or keeping all animals my whole life. From abandoned snakes to ferrets to every stray that we could get to follow me home.  I love animals and being able to help them. I am very happily married to an amazing Veteran who served in the ARMY for almost 15 years. We have 2 boys with a huge 10 year gap. Hehe the youngest is an Iraq baby When my husband was medically retired in 2013 due to injury, we moved back to our home state of AZ. We have 3 pups but my story starts with just one of them, Jezebel, our eldest girl at 10 years old. She is losing her battle to cancer but has given so much to my family and is the reason why when we started building our business we focused on dogs and how they can help. We got Jez when I was pregnant with our youngest in 2007. Jez is a beautiful Blue Nose American Pitbull. One night I was awakened by her not so small pit body jumping on my very pregnant belly.   I was a classified as having a high-risk pregnancy and we thought our pup had killed our baby.  We rushed to the hospital where the staff and my family learned that our son’s heart had stopped.  When we told the doctor what Jez had done, he said the blow in just that spot is what restarted my baby’s heart.  Instead of suffering the devastating loss of my baby son while I slept, our amazing hero Jez sensed the problem and for the first time showed us how deeply she loves us, she saved out baby.  She instinctively knew what needed to be done and did it the only way she knew how.  Her actions, had things not turned out well, could have cost her life, she still did it and saved our baby. My husband bought her more goodies than the new baby had! Then in 2009 my husband was hurt in Iraq.  Again, she sensed something and alerted me to the fact my husband stopped breathing. After months of test they found his head injury had caused a bad spot leading to his brain basically misfiring. A problem that would have not been found if not for the natural ability our Pitbull Jezebel has of sensing when things are not right.

The schooling and training full time began. You don’t wake up on day and say I am a trainer trust me and hope for the best. We wanted to see if there was a way to teach a natural trait to dog that didn't have it. So Thia headed to a bunch of Animal behavior college classes and lots of researching and years of learning. We may have been training family dogs our whole lives, but now we wanted to give back and help others as we have been touched by our companions. For me my first rescue dog I trained that wasn’t mine is why I LOVE rescues and mostly pitbulls and other bully breeds. In 2011 I had emergency surgery where they discovered a mass in my abdomen and other health issues. I was depressed and scared. My dad was with me when we found a stray running scared and alone and frightened. Like me. I got out of my car (just having been released from hospital) and slid down the car to the ground. That was when 2 hearts healed instantly. The stray not only ran to me but laid on me without ever touching my tummy. We healed together, and he gave me faith to follow and chase our dream. A year later I very proudly handed him to an ARMY Ranger with a wife and daughter. He needed a PSD for himself that would also protect his family. Harley D is still loved and working. That was my moment. The day I knew in my heart that what Jezebel did and taught me and how I was able to work with any pup and make a difference.

I still attend regular training because you can never learn too much. With the support of my amazing family and my partners in Thia's Family Pack, I am chasing dreams I had only dreamed of being able to do. Every time I see one of our pack members smile or do something new it’s just another star on our hearts saying we are helping.
Our goal isn't to just train a companion for you it’s to give back that feeling of being yourself.

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